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Post by Cyber-Huntress on Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:02 pm

Name: Masamune Ito
Age: 20
Birthday: July 27
Hair: Dark Green (teal)
Eyes: Dark Gold
Tail: Orca
Height (Human): 5'9"
Height (Merman): 7'8"
Race: Mer-folk
Hunting Weapon: a Pair of Daggers

Personality (Human): A bit jaded and sarcastic but has a good heart
loves his brother and will protect him at any cost. Loves to mess around
with his best friend Koko even if she gets mad at him.
Personality (Merman): A cold killer but with a playful side, he will willingly
swim with other predators and try to get them to play with him but once food
is sighted all playfulness is gone and is replaced by a cold blooded killer.

Appearance (Human): Semi long dark green hair that rests a little below his shoulders
he generally wears a grey turtle neck with black pants tucked into some lace up boots
and a fitting black jacket, he has a swirling tattoo design right under both his eyes at
the corner.
Appearance(Merman): Semi long dark green hair and dark gold eyes, an orca tail with a belt
around his waist where the tail starts holding his twin daggers. And a gold band around his biceps
and a small one right above his tail fins.

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