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Post by Cyber-Huntress on Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:03 pm

Name: Kimiko Takahashi
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 23
Height: 68 in. (5 feet, 8 inches)
Hair: Dark Brown
EyesL Blue

Family: none
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Likes: Snow, Rain, Moonlight walks, Painting, Practicing her swordsmanship

Dislikes: Summer, lairs, sewing, being beaten in sword play, cats

Kimiko was born into a samurai family along with her older brother Kenji. Since she was female she was not allowed to learn the way of the sword unless she was defending herself. Kenji took pity on her and secretly taught her everything he learned.
One night a rival clan attacked her home killing anyone who stood in their way. She was woken by a servant and smuggled out of the home, along they way they ran into her brother, bleeding out on the floor. With his dying breath Kenji begging the eight year old Kimiko to take the family sword and run carrying on the family name. Begging him not to die she did as he said and ran with the swords into the night.
Years later Kimiko lives in Kyoto, secretly practicing the art of the sword in secret, one night she was taking a shortcut through the an alleyway when a rogue rasetsu attacked her forcing her to defend herself. The Shinsengumi were tracking the rouge rasetsu found Kimiko delivering the finishing blow to the nonhuman, the Shinsengumi took her captive then debated what to do with her, Saito and Harada spoke for her skill with a blade deciding to keep her around.

Personality/ Lovelife:
Kimiko is a rather reserved person much like Saito, never really speaking but always watching and listening. On the first meeting with someone new she may seem standoffish but she is only watching your reactions and making an assessment of you in general. She is also best friends with Chizuru and Saito, he also gives her a sparring partner.
Kimiko loves her sword more then all the men around her but she does have a crush on Harada but will never tell him, since they live in the same place and she doesn't want anything to be awkward around them.

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