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Post by Cyber-Huntress on Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:36 pm

Name: Koko     Namid
Age: 17
Birthday: October 18
Hair: Dark silver (looks almost grey)
Eyes: Silver
Tail: Shark, dark silver with a swirl pattern near the middle
Height (human): 5'8"
Height (mermaid) : 7'2"
Race: Mer-folk
Hunting weapon: Katana
Personality: When human she can be very cynical and weird but shes fun to hand around with
Personality (mermaid): Very aggressive and easily ticked off, likes to be alone a lot exploring  the lost ruins of the world before the water took it all back.
Appearance (human): Semi long dark silver hair that is usually left to hang down but she does pull it up occasionally, her silver eyes reflect
her emotions to a degree. As for clothing she can be seen wearing dark colored t-shirts with dark pants tucked into knee high boots and a long black over coat.

Appearance (mermaid): Semi long dark silver hair and cold silver eyes, she has a sharks tail that is a dark silver with a lighter silver swirl pattern near the middle

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